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The unknown

October 04, 2021

Tonight I need it. I want it. I want to escape. Stop thinking and just feel. I want to be taken, possessed. Being totally connected to my body and totally disconnected from my mind. I open the site. I look at the profiles and throw a few winks here and there. Several interested. Who to choose? I am clear. I'm looking for adventure. Carnal escape. A guy catches my eye.

His style is different. He grabs me. In less than 15 minutes I gave him my address and told him to come pick me up without delay. As I put on the last touch of lipstick, I see the lights of her car. I go out to meet him. We say good evening. I quickly examine him with my eyes. Handsome man I tell myself. The photos were honest. He looks like the type who could satisfy me tonight. His eyes betray his excitement. He stares at me in my too-tight white capris and my subtly see-through sweater.

He knows I'm not here to chat. My intentions are clear. I get into his car. We're getting back on the road. I am feverish and excited at the idea of being with a total stranger. We don't even know our names and I don't care. We are here to please each other. Without expectations. Without tomorrow. He asks me where we are going. I simply told him “a hotel room”. NOW. Right away. He smiles at me. A few minutes pass and we finally arrive at a hotel. He takes care of the room. I enter in front of him and barely through the door he grabs my arm firmly and pulls me against him.

He kisses me vigorously. His hands are already under my sweater looking for my breasts. I let myself be caressed and I return his passionate kisses. His desire ignites me. My hands search for his belt buckle. In a few seconds our clothes disappear. Our caresses intensify. Our lips don't leave each other's skin for a second. They are hungry. Breathing short I feel his fingers descend towards my pussy. They enter me easily. I'm so excited that I'm leaking through his hands. His mouth returns to mine. His fiery eyes lock on mine. He wants me. NOW! He lifts me slightly and guides me towards the bed. I feel the mattress behind my legs.

I sit there slowly. My mouth follows my descent and ends up on his cock. He grabs my hair and dictates the rhythm. I feel it harden even more between my lips. My mouth is hot, wet. I enjoy it. My lips envelop him completely, deeply. My tongue swirls around his glans. He cannot endure this torture any longer. He's about to explode in my mouth. His hand pulls my head. He pushes me back onto the bed and looks at me with burning eyes. I lick my lips indicating that I want more. He goes back to his jeans to look for something to protect himself. He puts it on, walking slowly towards me. Like a wild beast towards its prey, he devours me with his gaze. He's going to take me, I can feel it. And I want it.

I undulate my hips, legs wide open to offer him all my privacy. He leans towards me and can't resist the urge to taste me as he passes. His tongue inserts itself into me. His hands lift my buttocks and his caresses intensify. I am defenseless. It's my turn to not be able to hold on. I let out cries that betray my enjoyment. He stops to prolong the pleasure. He comes back towards me. He kneels between my thighs. I can see his hardened member ready to make me cum. He lifts my ass again and plunges into me. I'm totally losing my mind. I savor every second, every movement. His hands are gripping my hips. His pelvis smashes mine while we cannot hold back our cries of pleasure. Again! Again! Yes again! He takes me. Owns me. Make me cum. Then also abandons himself. Despite the protection, I feel it welling up inside me.

Our bodies break away and we lie side by side. Out of breath but satisfied. Our animal instincts are calmed for the moment. We can start again in a few moments. And we start again. Oh yes we are starting again. And let's start again. And one last time. The night is getting late. Exhausted, we get dressed briefly. He takes me home. One last kiss. One last look. Goodbye, beautiful stranger. And thank you!

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