Hotwife - Vixen
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Country: Canada
  • Orientation: Bi Sexual
  • Status: Married
  • Languages: French, English
  • Social: Very easy to approach
  • Self-confidence: Excellent and still evolving
  • Libido: you be the judge

Sexual practices and fantasies
  • Seduction +++
  • Exhibitionism
  • Blowjob
  • Double penetration
  • Receiving a spanking that leaves you wanting more...
  • To be attached
  • Threesomes two women and a man
  • Threesomes two men and one woman
  • Sapiosexual
  • Dominant at my times
  • Facesitting
  • Vaginal and anal penetration
  • Gangbang
  • Masturbation

I love the


I love the intensity of the first moments of flirting. Feel desire through gaze and touches. Feel the sexual tension building and then release it in exquisite moments to share. I take full responsibility for my body and love being touched. I like to have fun with men as well as women and couples, in 2 to 3 to 4 or even more... 😈 I am an exhibitionist at heart so open your eyes and admire!

Sexual questionnaire

Do you like cyber sex?
Yes a lot. Both receiving it and offering it. 69 is such a beautiful number 😉. I like to feel my partner harden upon contact with my lips and bring him to the edge of orgasm. I like playing with a man's penis just as much as I like letting him taste my intimacy.
Do you like oral sex?
Yes a lot. Both receiving it and offering it. 69 is such a beautiful number 😉. I like to feel my partner harden upon contact with my lips and bring him to the edge of orgasm. I like playing with a man's penis just as much as I like letting him taste my intimacy.
Do you like anal sex? Give and/or Receive
Receive. With my man it’s always an exquisite pleasure. It adds that little extra that is exclusive to it! As for sharing, I haven't had the chance to fully explore it yet. Double penetration with two men remains a fantasy to this day. We experienced it with a dildo and my man and it was very enjoyable so I dare to imagine that with two men it will be even more divine.
Give. No. Not really
What kind of porn movies do you like?
I have never been a fan but the ones I appreciate the most are often the HHF trio or the mix of 2 couples. I like professional quality films. The amateur doesn't tell me anything.
Do you use sex toys?
Yes several. I really like vibrating toys and glass or natural texture dildos.
What is your favorite sex toy?

HIM! I often tell my husband that he and our little purple are the perfect duo for me!

Are you interested in a woman?
Of course! Since the gentleness of a woman has no equal. Having fun with just one woman I'm not sure since as I said above I like men's sex. On the other hand, adding a woman in a threesome or more is always a pleasant and sensual experience.
Are you interested in participating in an orgy?
Totally! The mixture of bodies and sensations must be exquisite and unrivaled. I am sure that I would enjoy it a lot and that my man would enjoy this whole spectacle.
Before meeting your husband, had you thought about having this kind of experience?

Yes and no. I had the fantasy and the curiosity of making love with others and going to clubs but I had never considered that it was possible to do it as a couple.

What do you like as a hotwife?
Above all, the excitement it gives my husband. The freedom to be a woman who gives free rein to her desires and her sexuality. Charm and arouse excitement by my mere presence. Observing my power of seduction in the eyes of men and women who desire me is a delicious feeling.
How do you enjoy sex with your one-night partners?
I compare them to a good meal or even a good wine. They are tasty, memorable and they leave a sweet sensory memory in me...
What does seduction mean to you?

Seduction is for me a way of being, a state of mind. I like to attract attention and arouse envy in others. That he or she wants to approach me to find out more and share a good time. Whether it's to chat, dance, have a drink or even share more intimate pleasures... Feeling seductive and attractive has a positive effect on my self-confidence and my general well-being. It's a powerful and intoxicating feeling.

What are you looking for in a gaming partner?
Above all, desire. Complicity, respect and shared pleasure must be there. Sex for sex's sake means nothing to me. On the other hand, the exchange and communion of two bodies which give each other mutual pleasure and which abandon themselves to each other, there is nothing more enjoyable in the world.
Who has been your favorite player to date and why?
It’s difficult to choose just one since they are all associated with a memory and a memorable experience. They all had their place in our history and all brought me something. Whether it's knowing myself, my limits, what I like or what I like a little less, the positive effects they had on us or even what I felt like I had from them. brought. In short, my favorite player is often the one of the moment.
Is your husband always present at hotwife parties
Always since he is the inspiration.

My activities xxx

  • Our first Montreal fetish weekend. (We absolutely L O V E D it 🔥😈🔥)
  • Reconnect with a former lover (finally!!)
  • Burlesque show that turned out to be inspiring
  • A little getaway to the Cancun Temptation 
  • Official lunch of our OnlyFans account (come see me 💋🔥)
  • Working behind the scene. Lots of photoshoots.
  • Visit to our regular clubs. (Especially l'Orage)
  • Visit of 2 new libertine clubs
  • Tied in a cage (story to come)
  • First time with a couple
  • Meeting my famous Will
  • Discussion of meeting alone without my husband
  • First time alone without my man in the libertine zone of a club
  • Give my first cunnilingus
  • First time with 3 men at the same time. Will was there 😉
  • Making love to my husband
  • Dreaming about our club experiences
  • Casual chat and blog reading
  • Fucking Covid

  • A trip to the sun and an evening that will initiate the rest
  • My husband tells me he wants to see me with other men in conversation while I'm out of town
  • I confess to my man the fantasy of being fucked by 2 men at the same time
  • Beginning of rules, limits and questioning of everyone's fantasies
  • Exploration phase
  • Start of sexy chat with a former lover with dirty photo...
  • Unfortunately no meeting with the lover
  • We watch a report on a libertine club. WOW this kind of place exists!
  • Visit to our first libertine club
  • Making love for the first time in front of a public, in a massage room of a libertine club
  • Discovery of a xxx dating application
  • Chat with many many men
  • Selection of a man to go to the hotel unfortunately the evening left us with a bitter taste
  • First time with 2 men at the same time
  • Return to the libertine club to explore further. No more wasting time with the app
  • Adventure in bed with my husband surrounded by 10 men who touch us delicately
  • New Year's Party
  • Languorously dancing with a couple
  • The dark room
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