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This man

November 15, 2023

This man. This man who was first my colleague. From the first time I sat beside him, I felt that unmistakable tingling in my lower belly. Years later, this physical chemistry intensified. This man became more than a colleague. He became a fantasy. A shared fantasy. A fantasy we eventually indulged in during a somewhat planned evening. A fantasy we repeated over the years. This man became my lover, my friend, my confidant, my living fantasy. He taught me to observe myself, touch myself, take intimate photos and videos.

He taught me to trust and to be trusted. This man helped me embrace and share my body. He made me feel beautiful, good, feminine. He rekindled my taste for the pleasures of the flesh. He let me take him, savor him. Sometimes gently, sometimes intensely. I licked him, sucked him, rode him, let him play with my body, begged him to penetrate me. I asked for more, again and again. Though our relationship was utterly inappropriate and had to remain secret, it was good for me. It allowed me to regain power over my body and my life. This man let me unleash my femininity and sexuality.

He set me free. This man made me dream. He made me fantasize and play with my body during our many exchanges of photos, videos, and sexting. He made me shiver daily at work. He made me laugh. He satisfied me during our secret meetings. He made my life lighter. This man was the start of the best version of myself. This relationship lasted two years. Then, by mutual agreement, we ended it. However, we never gave up our friendship and complicity. The physical chemistry is still there, albeit more controlled.

Today I am with a unique and wonderful man. A man I love. A man who fulfills me. A man with whom I wished to become his woman. A man who likes to share me. A man who enjoys watching me take pleasure with another. A man so confident in us and our love that he allows me to enjoy other men. He knows intimately the relationship I had with this other man. He has often seen us together and fantasizes about watching him take me. He even explicitly gave his consent, something the other man has so far refused to accept.

Years have passed since our last physical contact, but this man now seems tempted again. I sense he wants to succumb to the charm of my lips on his body. He dreams of our forbidden nocturnal escapades and their multiple pleasures. He wants to take me, grasp my hips, and feel me on him in the rhythm of his pelvis against mine. This man wants his hand in my hair, guiding the movement of my mouth on him. He wants to feel me envelop and suck him to climax. He wants me to swallow every drop of him, leaving no trace of his straying.

This man fantasizes about me again. Knowing full well that I still fantasize about him. The past blends with the present. Memories of sensations return in the hope of creating new ones. Will we take the step in this new reality? So many possibilities present themselves today. For me, having this man and my man together at the same time is an unexpected fantasy. This mere thought is enough to arouse me. I dream of their complicity in satisfying me, despite their complete differences. It's like two versions of myself meeting to unite and become one... The secret lover of the past meets the liberated Hotwife of today. For now, only one question remains. Will we succumb...?

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