• Age: 43 years old

  • Country: Canada
  • Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Status: Married
  • Languages: French, English
  • Libido: Very high
  • Social: Difficult first contact
  • Self-confidence: Excellent and developing

Sexual practices and fantasies
  • Very very curious +++
  • Candauliste

  • Voyeur

  • Cunnilingus

  • Exhibitionist
  • I like creating scenarios
  • Dominant in my time
  • Penetration: vaginal and anal
  • Soft bdsm
  • Being dominated on occasion
  • Masturbation

  • Sapiosexual
Jayden candaulisme hotwife

I love my


I have a real passion for Victoria since the first 4 lines we exchanged. Candaulism brings me this external vision of admiring her eyes when she changes into a femme fatale. Observe the connection that is created between the partners for a moment. Or see them completely satisfied when everything is over and Victoria continues to tease them by rubbing her hips against the new submissives. The emotions generated before, during and after these experiences are multiple. Depending on the scenario and the people involved, I went through all ranges of emotions; extreme euphoria where all my senses are awake, excitement that can last for weeks, admiration and so on. Fear is surely the most intense feeling but you have to learn to play with it and tame it. I appreciate the openness that this brings to our daily relationship. Just like the hundreds of exciting pillow talks.

Sexual questionnaires

Do you like cyber sex?
I really liked it at one time but today it no longer has any interest. Except when my wife is away for a few days and she teases me like that. I love watching her touch herself. In her phone she has a secret personal folder with lots of dirty things... I love looking at it to see if there's anything new.
Do you like oral sex?

Receive. In the past it was not my favorite activity. Let's just say it really depends on who's in charge. Today I can say that I love it.

Give. Phew... I could spend the day tasting my wife's pussy.

Do you like anal sex? Give and/or Receive
I love giving with my fingers, my mouth, my cock and going inside again and again. Receiving, not really comfortable.
What kind of porn movies do you like?

Once again this is no longer really of interest today. The images and sensations collected in our events are a thousand times better than any porn film. Women with pretty curves are what I liked the most in the past.

Do you use sex toys?

On me, not really. However, I love using them on my wife or watching her have fun with them. It's a very exciting feeling.

What is your favorite sex toy?
We have a good collection but the one that comes up most often: the purple two-headed snake. Otherwise I also like the dildo which has a natural penis look and the sparkling anal plugs.
Are you interested in a man?

No but I'm not uncomfortable touching them either.

Other than yourself, who is the person you would most like to see your wife have sex with?

I don't have any preferences. As long as seduction, charm, desire and respect are present.

What do you like as the husband of a Hotwife?

I find my wife so wonderful, beautiful and sexy every day. Watching her seduce another man, seeing her face light up and feeling her freedom in her actions are reasons enough to live this sexual experience. Exploring and discovering this universe with her, I love that.

Do you enjoy your wife's sex with her one-night partners?

Yes I appreciate it but it’s not yet very clear in my head. There are scenes like The Dark Room where I went absolutely crazy. The famous Will too (story to come) who still gives me chills thinking about it. There are others with whom the little something was missing, which makes me appreciate his adventures less. However, I love the intensity, the surprises of the moment, the connections and the fear which becomes a great source of adrenaline and therefore extreme excitement too.

What are you looking for in a gaming partner?

I would especially say that my wife has bright eyes for the chosen person and that she feels desire. Seduction is always key on both sides. The person must be seduced by her and seduce her in turn for the magic to work...

What does seduction mean to you?

I don't consider myself a super seducer but I love touching, intense looks and complimenting my wife every day. When I'm well dressed, I smell good and my wife has difficulty leaving my clothes on, I love it!

Where is your favorite place to play to date?

Not an easy question. I would say the cage where I tied my wife's wrists with my shirt and her dress. It was super sexy. About twenty people were watching us and a man joined me in pleasuring my wife from behind. This place remains particularly exciting even to this day. (story to come)

Who has been your favorite player to date and why?

Will. He is a regular at libertine clubs, well equipped, durable, his skin is ultra soft. My wife made him melt and he asks for more when we meet him. It was the strongest sexual connection I saw with my eyes. There will probably be a story or two about him soon.

As a husband, do you always want to be present at hotwife parties?

I'm not ready to let her go alone for a long time and maybe I never will be so yes I want to be there. There was one evening when we were in a libertine club, I let my wife go up to the second floor alone with a man. It was the first time. The fear was really there and the excitement too. I finally went up to observe them discreetly. I didn't regret it at all.

My activities xxx

  • Visite de 2 nouveaux clubs libertin
  • Attacher ma femme dans une cage (histoire à venir)
  • Première fois avec un autre couple 
  • Rencontre du fameux Will 
  • Observer ma femme de l'extérieur de la pièce pendant qu'elle s'amuse avec un autre homme
  • Regarder et participer à prendre ma femme à trois hommes. Will était là 😉 
  • Faire l'amour à ma femme
  • Rêver à nos expériences en club
  • Chat occasionnel et lecture de blogues
  • Putin de Covid
  • Voyage au soleil et une soirée qui va initier la suite   
  • J'avoue à ma femme mon envie de la partager sexuellement avec d'autres hommes  
  • Victoria adhère à mon idée. Mon dieu que j'aime cette femme!
  • Début des règles, limites et questionnement des fantasmes de chacun
  • Phase d'exploration 
  • Début de chat sexy avec l'ancien amant de Victoria avec photo cochonne...
  • Malheureusement aucune rencontre avec l'amant malgré que je lui ai donné mon accord (je ne comprendrai jamais cet homme!)
  • On regarde un reportage sur un club libertin. WOW ça existe ce genre d'endroit.
  • Visite de notre premier club libertin
  • Faire l'amour pour la première fois devant public, dans une salle à massage d'un club libertin
  • Découverte d'une application de rencontre xxx
  • Chat avec beaucoup beaucoup d'hommes
  • Sélection d'un homme pour aller à l'hôtel malheureusement la soirée nous laissé un goût amer
  • Première fois que je partage ma femme avec un autre homme et que nous la prenons à deux 
  • Retour dans le club libertin pour explorer davantage. Fini la perte de temps avec l'application
  • Aventure dans un lit avec ma femme entouré de 10 hommes qui la touchent délicatement
  • Party du jour de l'an
  • Danse avec un couple langoureusement
  • La chambre noire
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