Our Review of Temptation Cancun

October 29, 2023

Our curiosity led us to this hotel that we've heard so much about and that is so popular in the swinger scene. Here are our personal comments about the place. Please note that we stayed there for a short 4-day period during the week (from Sunday to Wednesday).


  • Reception: The customer service is absolutely exceptional. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted and handed a glass of champagne before even stepping through the door. Throughout our stay, the service was exemplary, whether at the bar, around the pool, in the various restaurants, etc. Even the people offering massages, photos, excursions, and other services were perfect. They offer their services, answer your questions, and do so without any pressure.
  • Quality of Food and Drinks: The alcohol is the same as you can find at home. Nothing here is diluted or of poor quality as in some other hotels. And they don't skimp on the quantity in cocktails. We particularly enjoyed the margaritas. We are specialists in this famous cocktail and found it almost as good as at home.
  • Having experienced several all-inclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean, we can say that the food is of very good quality compared to many other places. The breakfast and dinner buffets are well-stocked without being endless, and they even offer gluten-free options. As both of us have food allergies, we appreciate the seriousness with which the staff handles it. The à la carte restaurants with their 4-course set menus are a must. I would even say they compare to many good restaurants in Quebec. They pay special attention to the presentation of the dishes, and it shows. The SHE restaurant is not to be missed; it was our culinary highlight. The dinner show adds a little something seductive, even if it's not the best show I've ever seen.
  • Entertainment: The entertainment is absolutely incredible. The staff is energetic and dedicated, and easy on the eyes, of course.
  • The "sexy pool" is the place to be during the day. Starting at 11 am, the entertainment kicks off with adult games of all kinds. We had a lot of fun! A good portion of the female clientele goes topless.
  • Themed Nights: Themed nights set the mood for everyone and set the tone for the evenings. Almost all the ladies participate by matching their outfits to the theme, while the gentlemen tend to be a bit more reserved.
  • The DJ: The DJ is also a plus, despite playing some of the same songs multiple times.
  • Our Room: Our room was just like the photos. King-sized bed, balcony, sea view, and a view of the pool where all the action takes place. The room is clean, welcoming, and I can confirm that the air conditioning works! We even had to turn up the heating a bit or open the door at times to warm up a bit inside. If you prefer warmer temperatures, this is the place for you. If you're more like me and prefer 23 degrees in the room, go easy on the AC! The maid kindly added an extra blanket to the bed without me having to ask. She probably noticed that I had taken the warm blanket from the cupboard the night before.
  • Having opted for the "playful" option, we were entitled to priority check-in. There was still a bit of a wait since several of us arrived at the same time. A waitress came to offer us a cocktail while we waited. Since we arrived well before check-in time and didn't want to wait for our room, a small tip in US dollars did the trick, and a few minutes later, we were in our room. This just goes to show that a tip always works for a little extra. This option also included a 25-minute couple's massage and a hydrotherapy session, which were much appreciated on the second day. The "playful" option also granted access to the Skybar 3.5 on the rooftop of the 7th floor. We really enjoyed the tranquility of this place in the late afternoon when the noise from the pool became a bit too much. In short, for us, the "playful" option was worth it, and we would choose it again without hesitation.

The Only Weakness

Noise! During the day, it's difficult to find a quiet place to relax. There is, of course, the "quiet pool," but since the resort is not very large, you can still hear the activities from the main pool. The same goes for the rooftop pool on the 7th floor. And in the evening, between 10 pm and 2 am, it's literally impossible not to hear the music, no matter where you are. So you might as well join the party! Note that we still managed to fall asleep before the DJ's set ended at 2 am one evening, as we were completely exhausted.

In short, we have no negative comments in and of themselves. If you're looking for a place to party, this is the perfect spot. However, for those who prefer to get to know each other and seduce in a more sensual and intimate environment, you might be better off choosing a different establishment. The atmosphere here is really more about partying with music for dancing and games for laughter and silliness.

Although it's mentioned not to take photos in public areas, if you do so when there are few people around (before 10 am, for example), you won't be stopped. It's a matter of respecting the privacy of others and ensuring that they can't be identified in your photos. We had no problem taking excellent photos all over the site. You just have to choose your moment.

Despite not having made any encounters to share with other partners, we're not sure how we'll go back to "standard" establishments after our short stay in a perfectly adult-oriented environment. The sexy, enticing, and completely judgment-free aspect of the place has convinced us to return!

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