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The dark room

October 04, 2021

As this is not our first visit to this club, we are relatively comfortable upon our arrival. On this last evening of the year, women have pulled out all the stops to seduce and I am no exception. My sparkling long dress easily reveals the shape of my breasts and the generous curves of my hips. On my husband's arm, I feel attractive. It’s early, so we take a seat on a bench to observe our potential game candidates for later. Excited to be in such an environment to celebrate the few hours remaining this year, we cuddle and caress each other a little while sipping our glass of bubbles. The minutes pass and the music finally takes us to the dance floor. Surrounded by several couples nestling against each other, we do the same.

We continue to look for bodies that could join us. The room fills up quickly. The intensity of the caresses between the partners increases to the sound of the DJ. The hours pass and the clothes become lighter and lighter. The bodies dance languorously against each other. The women kiss each other under the excited gazes of their partners. Shortly before midnight, my dress becomes too bulky. I replaced it with a little black satin dress that was much lighter. I take off my bra and put on some magnificent heels that shape my butt nicely.

My man devours me with his eyes and we return to dancing in this suave and excited crowd. My breasts betray my excitement when we take our place on the dance floor. A couple approaches and asks us if they can join us, we happily accept. She is pretty, in her thirties, with a warm complexion, beautiful long hair and an appetizing mouth. She looks good too but it's her who attracts my attention. Not resisting the urge to hug another woman, I dance with her. Our pelvises move at the same rhythm and our hands easily roam our scantily clad bodies. Her skin is intoxicatingly soft. Her hair smells good. She is drunk and exudes an almost animal intensity. She grabs my ass and pulls me even closer to her. His lips travel down my neck then his mouth meets mine. We exchange a long and passionate kiss. The men who until then had been watching us come and press against us. Everyone takes their place behind their partner, and we dance for several minutes. Exchanging caresses and languorous kisses. Then the music slows down a little. I turn around for a few seconds to kiss my lover. The couple then turns away and then they disappear. Perhaps they went to give free rein to their desires.

The last minutes of 2019 are finally ringing. We exchange tons of kisses and hugs with the hundreds of people around us. Unable to desire me any longer, my man finally takes me to the other section of the place. Our clothes are quickly found in the lockers provided for this purpose. Just to see if we could find a man or a couple who could join us, we're going for a quick trip to the swimming pool. The cool water barely calms our heat. A few couples kiss here and there. A little too refreshed, I suggest Jayden go to the spa. It feels a little cramped there given the number of people present. I look at the naked men and women around us. Some are comfortable and others a little less. A man tries to make conversation but no one really pays attention. I can't help but look at the male members. There are few people I would like to feel inside me.

The desire to make love is beautiful and very present on the other hand. So we get out of there and start touring the places where we can give free rein to our desires. One room is almost deserted, that’s not what we’re looking for. The other is completely crowded with couples already in action. Clearly not what we want at the moment. A man is standing near us. He also seems to be looking for a place to satisfy his desires. His eyes suggest to me that he wants to take me. Hesitant and excited at the same time, I don't push him away. My man and I opt for the room that has piqued our curiosity since our first visit; the dark room.

The man follows us closely. I hold Jay's hand who enters first. It's really dark and we don't know how the room is made. Obviously there are a lot of people. I don't let go of my lover's hand and I immediately feel other hands on my body. Some brush against my thighs, my arms, my buttocks. Then a male body sticks to mine. He holds me against him while one of his hands vigorously caresses my breasts and the other quickly descends to my waist. His hungry mouth pours kisses onto my neck. He wants me here, now. Surprised by so much vigor, I said to him: “No! » He repeats surprised “no? » And I confirm to him that it’s no. He releases me immediately. Phew. I still don't see anything and I almost lost my man's hand in all this. Fortunately this is not the case. We sneak towards the back of the room which we now guess is square. A bench seems to go around it. We find an unoccupied place near a corner. Nobody on the left. A place that reassures me. There is at least one side where hands cannot reach.

My man sits down. I'm a little shaken by this universe. Both stimulated and somewhat frightened. My love's reassuring hands calm me and his kisses quickly bring me back to the desire that brought us here. Barely a few seconds pass when soft and warm hands caress my buttocks. This time I let them touch me, abandoning myself to the unknown in this darkness. My hands move towards my man's penis, hardened by the atmosphere of this place. We exchange a passionate kiss then my mouth not resisting the temptation to delight in his penis I begin to lick and caress it with my tongue and my lips. The stranger’s fingers subtly slipped into me. Oh he knows how to do that one. I'm all wet and despite the noises around us I can hear his fingers moving in and out of my pussy. He drives them deep, I like that. His movements become faster. Again yes. He make me feel good. While his fingers play with me, he caresses my buttocks with the other hand, they squeeze them and I cry out with pleasure when he slaps my buttock. A little slap that pinches with pleasure. I feel his warm body pressed against mine. My mouth works on my man to the rhythm of the stranger between my thighs. I don't really know where to decide anymore between the pleasure I currently take in receiving and the pleasure I take in giving...

This stranger stimulates and excites me enormously. What I want now is to cum. Reaching orgasm. Make me penetrate. I want to feel his cock inside me. I want her and I want her now. My hands search in the dark for the small bag containing the condoms that we took care to bring. The stranger is about to make me cum with his fingers then suddenly he stops. He quickly pulls away from me and leaves, leaving me drunk and unsatisfied. Just on the verge of orgasm. You're annoying, I tell myself.

Except that I want some. He turned me on and I want to cum. I want to get caught. I'm flowing with pleasure and I want a cock. My man sensing my desire and wanting another man to satisfy my wishes, he touches the man next to him. He gives her the condom. The stranger quickly responds to the invitation and stands up. My man whispers in my ear: “I think he understood this one”. I touch the stranger’s thigh as he slips up behind me. Her skin is soft, very soft. Clearly, this is a man of another origin. My hand goes to his semi-hardened member.

Oh my god!!!

But this thing is huge! I tell myself that he is clearly going to smash me. He's going to give it to me! For a moment I'm a little scared. Then my hand tightens around his member which I try to analyze. He tells me “wait 2 seconds”. While I'm barely thinking, he puts on his protection and walks towards my ass. His hips grind against mine. I press my hands on my husband's thighs ready to receive this huge cock. I prepare myself mentally. I lean forward a little. My mouth finds the familiar sex of my husband. I arch my back to offer my pussy to the stranger behind me. He is tall, he lifts my buttocks slightly with his hands. I feel his cock against me. He takes my hips in his hands and approaches my privacy. He sinks into it slowly. Very slowly.

I was right, it’s big, very big. He fills my wet little pussy. It takes up all the space. It fills me completely. My hands sink into my man's thighs. The stranger wastes no time before making faster movements. I try to take my man in my mouth but the stranger makes me scream with pleasure. My whole body receives this stranger who is between my thighs. With each of his movements, I feel a pain that is difficult to identify. A pain that hurts but at the same time gives a feeling of intense pleasure. I have never met a cock this big.

I can't hold back my cries of pleasure. I masturbate my husband with my hands since I am unable to take him in my mouth. My man caresses me with his hands and lips while the stranger takes me vigorously. I no longer know where to turn and my body is invaded by the pleasure and pain of this lovemaking. My body quickly gets used to his movements and this tail.

I can now calm my cries. I devour my husband's cock who already can't take it anymore. He explodes in my mouth. I don't know where I am anymore and I'm surprised to feel his cum pouring into my mouth. I love receiving it and knowing that it makes him enjoy me being taken like this by another. Almost at the same moment the stranger cums inside me. The almost absolute darkness allows me to imagine that my man is simultaneously in my mouth and in my pussy and that it is he who makes me come like this. This thought alone makes me reach orgasm too.

The stranger withdraws delicately. My legs are soft. I fall into the arms of my lover. My breath is short and my head is spinning. My husband tenderly kisses my forehead while I feel other hands brushing my body. No, I do not feel like it. I'm still stunned by what just happened. My man tells them no and gently picks me up. I catch my breath. We head towards the door of the room and go out to finally find the light. There is a couch right next to the door. We sit there for a few minutes while we regain our composure. It's at this moment that, my eyes still foggy, I say to Jay: "Happy New Year my love!"

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