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The rock

October 08, 2021

Small, intimate party for four. We're young, we're crazy. We're having fun and suddenly we want chips. We decide to go to the convenience store to get some. The four of us got into the car. I'm in the front seat on the passenger side. The music is playing loudly. We sing the lyrics to Offspring as if we had written them ourselves.

The windows are wide open and the wind blows in our faces. It’s a hot summer night and the city streets contrast our mood. They are calm and peaceful while we are full of energy. Our two friends in the back stick together. I look at them laughing. They cuddle and kiss like the teenagers we are.

My friend also takes the opportunity to subtly touch my thighs and give me a few naughty looks. All evening we stirred up without giving free rein to our desires. We are just friends after all! He observes our loving couple from behind in the mirror. It gets hotter and hotter and the hands disappear under the clothes. I laugh while looking at them and tell them to get a room! My god they are going to end up making love in front of our eyes if this continues.

I admit that there is something alluring about all of this. I feel the humidity increasing between my thighs. I admit that my friend is rather sexy. All the girls at school would love to play with him for a few hours in bed. They all fantasize about him. For my part, I find him rather to my liking but his attitude of being an overly proud guy annoys me a little. I know very well that tonight not much is missing for it to be me who ends up in his bed. And in this moment when I’m excited by our lovebirds in the back seat I say to myself “why not? »

We continue to wander. The couple in the back really need a bed! My friend finds a parking lot a little out of sight and stops there. He tells them “we’ll leave the car to you, have fun! » then he signals me to come down. We go out and move away a little. You can still hear the music and you can clearly see what's going on inside. We go towards a large rock on the edge of the parking lot. I sit there. He remains standing. We chat lightly and laugh but we can clearly feel the sexual tension between the two of us. We hear the car squealing and moans of pleasure are heard.

He decides to take a step towards me. His eyes are attentive to mine. He steps forward a little further and leans towards me. I'm not pushing him away. His lips find mine and we now exchange an intense French. He is between my legs, his body pressed against mine. His hands slide under my blouse and caress my breasts. His hands are cold, I shiver at their touch but I like the feeling. I slip my hands under his t-shirt. He's hairy. Oh no I don’t like furry ones. I quickly take my hands out and continue to hug him and kiss him back. I feel something harden between my legs. Hmmm sir is clearly excited. I am too.

We are completely exposed on this rock. A car could arrive at any moment. Our friends make each other go harder in the car. Offspring always keeps us company with its music. A street lamp shines its light on us in the distance. Ah and then GO! Excitement takes over. I reach into his pants and grab him to let him know I want him. He doesn’t do one thing or two and looks in his wallet for the protection he always has “just in case”. While he is busy putting it on I pull my jeans down to my ankles. I don't want to get rid of it in case I have to get dressed quickly. His jeans have barely come down and they find their place between my legs.

He slides into me. Our friends who had finally finished signaled to us that we could come back. They seem surprised to see that we have finally decided to do like them. They laugh in turn and watch us while he takes me onto the rock. His cock between my legs is warm and soft despite the latex that separates us. My buttocks rub against the rock and create pain that is not pain. Mixed with the pleasure of sex under curious eyes and the stress of getting caught, I don't really feel it. He penetrates me more vigorously and deeper.

I get up a little and hold on to his neck. My teeth also sink into his neck. He lets out a cry of pain while continuing his back and forth. It’s a lot of excitement and feeling at the same time. I'm not the only one excited about this whole scenario. Our friends who watch us encourage us like real fans. My partner tells them to shut up while laughing. I myself am overcome with laughter while taking great pleasure in exposing myself like this. I like that they are watching us. I tighten my thighs around my partner's hips. My arms still around his neck, his hands under my thighs, I am now in his arms. I feel like he's going to cum. Oh yes he can't take it anymore. He lets himself go, emitting a grunt typical of a male orgasm. His hands gently release me.

I continue to smile as he pulls away. A little smile of satisfaction at the madness we have just done. I land on my feet and quickly pull up my pants. I then feel my panties getting wet. It’s not just him who enjoyed it I think. We almost run back to the car and leave this place which will now be memorable forever. I don’t know exactly where we are but I will keep the mental image and memory of that hot summer night and that parking lot for a long time. Oh and… I forget if we finally went to get our famous chips.

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