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Last call

October 08, 2023

The evening comes to an end. I feel fatigue taking over my body. One last drink at the bar with my lover before heading back to the hotel. We save the little energy we have left to have fun together one last time.

The bar is quiet at this hour. Only a few small groups remain here and there. I notice a tall, handsome brunette watching me from the corner of his eye. I don't remember seeing him during the evening. Too bad, as he seems quite interesting. I take one last sip and lead my husband toward the exit. As soon as we pass the door, the stranger who was watching me approaches us. He asks if we're leaving, and I confirm we are. Clearly disappointed, he tells us he arrived late and would have liked the chance to talk to us earlier. Seeing us leaving, he knew he had to try his luck.

I must admit, I like his boldness and honesty. We talk about the evening coming to an end. We chat, observe each other while finding excuses to brush against one another. He cracks some jokes about the evening. He compliments me on my hair, dress, and curves. His humor seduces me. My husband isn't immune to it either. We feel the physical chemistry between all of us. We talk a bit more, and then he asks if we would be willing to go back inside. Hesitant, I look to my husband. I can tell he also likes the boldness of our new acquaintance, and his eyes indicate he sees something he likes. He asks him to give us a couple of minutes to discuss it. Despite my exhaustion, I feel the urge to give in. My man asks me with a sparkle in his eyes if I want to have fun with this stranger. I simply reply that I feel I would miss out on something if I refused.

It's 2:30 in the morning, and we've been here since 10 PM. I have already orgasmed several times and been touched by multiple hands. My man tied me up in a huge cage. He bound my wrists to the bars with my red dress and his shirt, offering my ass and pussy to strangers to enjoy the view without being able to take me. I've been fingered, taken, stroked, and sucked on some beautiful cocks, and I've also turned down more offers than one could ask for. In short, I'm drained. However, this man has something special about him that turns me on. His eyes are devouring me, his lips betray his desire to taste me, and his hands can't help but reach for my skin. I attract him, and he wants me; that much is clear. Having brushed against his skin, I know it's as soft as I like it. I admire the way he approached us and charmed me. I don't feel like a sexual object he wants to take, but rather a sensual woman he desires. He displays humor and seduction, and it works. Despite my exhaustion, I want to give in to him. He has awakened the insatiable part of me. That's all it takes for us to decide to accept.

We return to the bar where our friend is waiting for us. His smile betrays both his surprise and excitement. I say to him, "You have 30 minutes left, make the most of it." We all burst out laughing. Holding onto my husband's hand, I grab his and lead him with us. I'm a little nervous but also very excited. The three of us head upstairs. The play areas are very busy at this time. We walk up to the famous cage where we put on a show earlier in the evening. It's free, and I choose to head there. I like this space. It's easy to limit unwanted interactions, and it offers me the visibility that stimulates me so much. I feel comfortable there, and I can let myself go without restraint.

Given the obvious lack of time, our new partner enters the cage and quickly removes his clothes. I wasn't mistaken, his body is very inviting. He is athletic without being overly muscular, no hair covers his chest, and his skin is already calling for my touch. I watch him for a few seconds before turning to my husband with a mischievous smile on my lips. My man is busy removing my soft red dress once more. He keeps me facing him and kisses me passionately before kneeling to remove my panties. Our guest stands behind me, and I can feel his nervousness through the sweat on his hands as they gently explore my body. As my clothes disappear, his skin presses more and more against mine. I feel the tension between my thighs rise as his lips touch my neck. My breathing quickens. Our friend grips my breasts while my man finds my mouth. I love this sensation of being between two bodies and feeling multiple hands roaming me. I close my eyes and absorb the moment. I'm excited to be watched and offered to a stranger like this. I can feel my pussy getting wetter at the thought of what awaits me. My husband gives me a quick glance to make sure I'm still up for it.

Oh yes! We continue! He bends me forward, presenting the magnificent curves of my hips and buttocks to this man who wants to possess me. I now find myself on my knees, and I hear my husband give his consent. I feel the hard member of our new accomplice against my buttocks. He moves towards my pussy, and I feel him slowly penetrate me. I was so right to say yes! He fills me with his cock, and I hear his satisfaction in finally penetrating me. I raise my head and arch my back to feel him inside me. His hands grip my hips as his pelvis hits my buttocks more and more forcefully. He can't resist slapping my ass. I love it and want more.

My husband has knelt at my level, so I can occupy my mouth by satisfying him. There's no better feeling for me than having a cock between my lips while another takes me deeply. This is the ultimate pleasure for me. A pleasure that can only be achieved with three. Or more, of course... I now feel other hands exploring my arms, thighs, and ankles. I return to reality a bit and realize that several men have pressed against the cage and are trying to participate by caressing me. My lover senses my discomfort and pushes some of them away.

Our new friend takes the opportunity to turn me onto my back and slide on top of me. He's hot, and I can feel his sweat dripping onto my body. Normally, this would repulse me, but not with him. I place my hand on his chest and explore his body in return. He apologizes for all the sweat, but I laugh and tell him not to worry. I don't want him to stop. I tighten my thighs around him and arch my pelvis so that he can sink even deeper into the craving that grips me. He quickly understands what I want and continues to take me. His movements are both gentle and firm. I can feel him entering and leaving my pleasure-soaked pussy. The chemistry with this stranger is definitely unique. My body welcomes him without restraint. Stretched out, sweaty, on the verge of climax, I lock eyes with my husband. He's intoxicated with pleasure at the scene I'm providing. I sense a few men by my head through the bars. Several of them are pleasuring themselves as they watch us. I randomly reach out in their direction and quickly find myself with a rock-hard cock in my hand. Another man grabs my other hand to do the same. My husband moves to push him away, but I give him a look that says it's okay. His smile betrays his excitement at seeing me like this, pleasuring these strangers.

I can no longer hold back the cries of pleasure that our new accomplice is causing me. He takes me, possesses me, and I give myself entirely to him and the gazes of the spectators around us. I love being exposed like this. For a moment, I see the scene through my husband's eyes. It's beautiful! My femininity, the sex, the pleasure, the desire, the mingling bodies... Orgasm is no longer avoidable. Some have already splashed near my face, and I've felt them. Now it's my turn. I let the ecstasy burst forth from me under the watchful eyes of everyone, especially my husband. Our friend also succumbs to the joys of shared pleasure. I feel him emptying himself inside me, despite the protection that separates us.

He collapses onto me for a moment. I love the weight of his body on mine, this post-orgasmic closeness. The three of us slowly rise. My legs are weak. The voyeurs disperse. Just a few minutes later, the lights come on, signaling that the place is now closed. We finish collecting our clothes and getting dressed. Our friend finally introduces himself as Will. With a light laugh, we do the same. A man approaches my husband to ask if he can play with me. The three of us look at him and tell him the place is closed. He hadn't realized. We burst out laughing at the astonished look on his face. It seems we've made some lose their minds and all sense of time!

We head towards the exit, and Will offers to walk us to our hotel. I tell him that for tonight, I've had my fill of pleasure. He smiles, congratulating himself for daring to approach us, and leaves me his number in case we ever want to do it again. We exchange hugs and cheek kisses, the men share a knowing handshake, and we all say our goodbyes. With legs still shaky from my recent orgasm, I collapse into the waiting taxi. What a perfect end to the night!

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